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Plants, People, and Magic with Rebecca Beyer

Rebecca and Andrew talk about the way plants work in their lives – through sharing about their studies and personal journeys with plants. They also talk about fear and how pushing through that brings better things even though it isn’t easy. Finally they also talk about traditional knowledge and how to respect elders an indigenous […]

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EP91 Birds and Oracles with Enrique Enriquez

Enrique and Andrew catch up on what the birds are saying. They talk about the effect of living with an oracle versus reading and oracle. The conversation winds through ideas of how being in tune with the oracles impact their relationship with the rest of life. Finally they end by answering listeners questions. Previous interviews. […]

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EP 89 Thai Occultism with Peter Jenx

Andrew and Peter explore the world of Thai magic and occultism. Talking about the importance of meta, self cultivation, personal growth and how they all relate to the intense practices of Thailands indigenous magic. Direct download here. Think about how much you’ve enjoyed the podcast and how many episodes you listened to, and consider if […]

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