A Tarot of You

Imagine finding the perfect tarot deck. Where all the symbols speak directly to your life and experience. Where the imagery ties together both your history and your hopes and ambitions. How wonderful would it be to interpret every card without having to go get a book off the shelf and wade through ideas that don’t apply to your situation.

Imagine how clearly this perfect deck would reveal the nature of your own spirit to you. Imagine how easily you could interpret what the c cards are saying in the readings you give.This book is the key to that level of ease, precision, and insight.

Through blending a bit of magic, psychology, and easy to follow daily work you will find not only your personal tarot but you’ll also come to understand more about who you are.

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Praise for A Tarot of You.

“Andrew’s book, A Tarot of You, may very well be the future of tarot.”
~ Barbara Moore, reader, author, & shaman. 

Why buy another tarot book? Because this book isn’t about making meaning out of the cards, it’s about making magic with the cards. And this isn’t the type of magic where wishful thinking delivers the love of your life, instead it helps you make creative decisions that align you with your heart’s desire and all it has to offer. And if that isn’t enough, this book keeps giving! It invites us to make our own tarot deck that works as a tool for focusing our magic and what we want to manifest. In doing so we are activating synchronic awareness and opening our eyes to the signs that tell us our magic is supported and on track. Besides drawing cards, Tarot for Your Self has us drawing from the magic of Life. Buy this book and be a co-creator with the magic you came here to do. You’ll be glad you did.”
~ Carrie Paris, artist, author, reader.

“The creative exercises in this book will transform your relationship to tarot imagery. Processes like chanting, journaling, art making and observing synchronicities expand your perceptions until you arrive at an intensely personal vision of the 22 major arcana. With Andrew’s guidance, you embody these visions in a deck you create yourself. I’ve never experienced anything quite as mind-bending as this approach to working with the tarot archetypes.

~ Sherryl Smith, tarot historian and reader

“A Tarot of You’s creative day-by-day blend of structure and synchronicity engages the whole self — body, mind, emotion, spirit, intuition, and the world around you.”
~ James Wells, evolutionary tarot consultant, author of Tarot for Manifestation and Tarot Circle Encounters.