Testimonials for Andrew McGregor – Toronto Tarot Reader and Teacher

People often ask me the question how accurate I am. My response is usually “When someone comes to see me I eventually read for their friends and family.” More than that I’ll let my the folks I help speak to what I have done for them.


I know you meet with hundreds, if not thousands, of people on a regular basis. I have zero expectation that you remember our single session, which took place back in 2016.
I was not in a good place spiritually, emotionally, or mentally when we met. Your reading helped me identify some of the ways I was self-sabotaging, and reminded me of the importance of trusting my intuition. You helped me navigate out of a dark mindset, for which I am truly grateful.
One thing that stood out to me was your prediction that I would be featured on the cover of a magazine one day. I’ll admit, the idea felt extremely far-fetched. It’s not that I didn’t trust (or want to believe) what you were saying, but rather that my circumstances at the time were not even remotely conducive to achieving that kind of success.
Anyway, you were right

I have worked with healers, psychologists, and therapists but nothing brought any changes. After working with you my life is moving forward. You saw what no one else did and helped me understand how I was sabotaging my life.


Thank you Andrew. Before I had no hope and was sad and alone and lost. I could not stop crying. Now I know I have hope again and a sense of direction.


I just had a Tarot Reading via Skype with Andrew Kyle McGregor of The The Hermit’s Lamp. I HIGHLY and joyfully recommend him if you are searching for guidance and clarity around an issue you are presently facing…or if you have lost someone close to you…or simply need confirmation of your instincts. I have enjoyed many readings in the past, however the one I received today with Andrew is by far the most clear and helpful one I have experienced to date. I was amazed by the accuracy of the cards and his kind, direct, specific interpretation of them…especially as we were connected by a computer to two different cities! A new year approaches…optimal time to seek clarity :-).

Julia Manuel

I have had several readings by Andrew, as well as visited him as a spiritual advisor. He is incredibly compassionate, insightful, connected, intuitive and ALWAYS provides me with the messages I need to receive. Andrew has an incredibly special gift and am grateful he has shared it with the world. I have recommended him to friends seeking similar guidance and they have all had a similar opinion of their time spent with him. Andrew, though I haven’t seen you for a while, this reminds me I am due for a visit!

Lisa North

Several weeks ago I had a scheduled Skype reading with Andrew. Sometimes different kinds of readings can be most helpful at particular times or when one is facing particular challenges. The reading was perfect for where I am at this moment: it was filled with humor, practical insights into problems and solutions to solve them were suggested. Andrew communicates in an easy, succinct straightforward way, which is obviously grounded in a thorough familiarity with the cards. It is easy to understand why I have recommended him to several of my friends already…
Elizabeth Owen

Andrew and I started working together 2 years ago. I did a tarot class with him and thereafter we worked together every two weeks for about a year. We studied the cards as a way for me to navigate through important personal challenges and sharpen my intuition, we also did some great dream interpretation and meditation.

For two summers Andrew and I have hosted small Tarot card parties at my home, where my friends and family have become big fans. I now continue to see Andrew for tune ups. Andrew’s is a spiritual sherpa, who can lead you through wonderful journeys. I highly recommend working with Andrew as a way of evaluating and learning new ways to deal with life and the worlds around you.

Andrew is a compassionate, warm, and knowledgeable reader for anyone who might be interested in having their tarot cards read. I have recommended him many times!
Dee Dussault

“I have had the opportunity of engaging Mr. McGregor in multiple occasions. Within his capacity as spiritual mentor, he has afforded me a degree of expertise and honesty seldom found in this industry. Mr. McGregor easily achieves a personable and tailored environment. His capacity of immediately tuning in on his clients’ needs is palpable. Therefore, it is with great satisfaction that I recommend Andrew McGregor. He is an asset to his profession.”
Claudio Rocca

Andrew is spot on with his readings. His compassionate and down to earth approach, provides an important bridge between the esoteric and spiritual side of things and everyday life. He points out your strengths and opportunities, helps you be aware of your blind spots and is full of helpful suggestions on how to move forward.
Katie Curtin

I have participated in workshops offered by Andrew that helped me gain valuable insight about my personal power and the wonderous world we live in. I have also had personal consultations with Andrew for readings which were accurate and confirming of my own intuitive sense. He has a calming, confident and compassionate way of communicating. I highly recommend him.
CJ Clendenning

You are not God Andrew – but you are the next best thing

Andrew has amazing insight. His services are a must for anyone looking for growing as a person or as a business!
Luiciano Porto

“I first approached Andrew in his capacity as a “toolmaker” to craft some tools for me for my Wiccan practice. Not only did he do a superlative job, but he ended up becoming my Tarot teacher. In addition, I took some classes on meditation and the use of crystals in healing from him. I would recommend him highly. He’s the real deal.”
Carol Coristine