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Tarot Readings – A Tarot reading can help you sort out priorities or find out your best course of action to get where you want to be.

Spiritual work and Magic – Andrew McGregor offers the following magical services: Spiritual Alignment, Spiritual Cleansing, Prosperity Work, and Protection Work.

Impossible Readings – Accompany Andrew McGregor into the great mysterious dream where the answers to all of life’s most profound answers live.

Magickal Portraits by Andrew McGregor – See what Andrew sees when he looks at you from his connection to spirit. You are an infinite and profound mystery.

Letting Go – Find closure and let go of that which is holding you back from achieving your true potential and your happiest life.

Other Services

Corporate Events and Parties – The Hermit’s Lamp has a great network of readers who would be delighted to come to your event and add some fun and excitement.

Coaching – Are you ready to stop thinking about your dream life and start making it happen?


Business Mentorship — coming soon