Tarot Readings

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Each Tarot reading is tailored to fit what is going on with you at the time of the reading. A reading can help you sort out priorities or how to best act to get where you want to be.

We can use the cards to:
• Help you choose directions in life.
• Figure out what is blocking your progress.
• Resolve relationship issues.
• Help you find the love you are looking for
• Overcome insecurities, fear and self doubt.
• Make career choices.
• Figure out what you want to be when they grow up.

We can also work on spiritual problems to:
• Resolve issues with your ancestors
• Discover who your guides are
• Build your spiritual practice
• Heal your heart

Want Tarot readings at your next Corporate Event or party? We can help you! Find out more here.

Want to learn how to read the Tarot yourself? Check out the Hermit’s Lamp School for classes.