Get to know your guide!

We all have spirit guides. It is one of the things I get asked about the most. So I thought I’d start offering a focused offering to really dig in and help folks get to know one of their guides.

Here is what looks like in practice.

We’ll sit down in person or virtually and I’ll invite your guide in. If you have a specific one you’d like to get to know we can focus on them too. We’ll explore what they have to say to you. We’ll also set you up with a road map to getting closer to them. This might include practices – meditation, prayers or rituals. We’ll find out if there are things they want or love. Flowers, food, candles, crystals, perfume etc. And we will see talk about you can put it all together to get closer to them.

But wait there is more.

I process a lot visually and often receive images during these kind of sessions. I’ve started sharing these with folks and they really love them. So I’ll also share with you the drawing I make during our time working on this. See below for an example.

There are two options for you to choose.

First a 30 minute session with the artwork and all the instructions and information we can channel.

Second a 30 minute session with the artwork, information, AND a custom oil and candle.

You can book your session here.