Cut that old crap out of your life.

I’ve been really working on getting closer to the plants around me. This past summer I spent a lot of time wandering in the woods and parks. Having conversations with the local plant people. Sometimes meeting new friends. Other times reconnecting with old ones. And finding one I’ve been looking for for a long while.

I’ve been aware of the power of black walnut tree for years. The skin of its fruit can be used in a kind of working called “cut and clear”. Which gets rid of unwanted folks in your life. Especially situations you are having a hard time letting go. It is often helpful in getting over old lovers, obsessions and things that fixate you, bad times from the past, and internalized garbage from our upbringing. You can of course buy all sorts of oils and candles for this work too. I sell them at the shop and they are effective. However it more traditional to work with the husk of the fruit by reducing it to a paste or making ink.

I had seen the trees around but never found one that wanted to connect with me. However, as I walked under one specific one this year it rained its fruit on me. I spent a bunch of time working with it. Listening to what it had to say. Giving it offerings and of course collecting its gifts. From those fruit I made ink. To be used in work around letting go.

Recently I passed this tree expecting it to be going to sleep for the season. It was quite chatty still and suggested something I should offer people. Or as the tree said “People have too much old crap let me help you get rid of it!” Using its ink I should make custom sigils for folks around what they need to let go of. Then on the solstice I should charge them with the tree. Sending them to the folks who got one to be destroyed – along with the connection to the thing they need to let go.

Who am I not to listen to wisdom from the trees?

So if you’d like in on this here is how it will work. You will sign up at the link below. You’ll reply to confirmation email with a brief (1 sentence) description of what you need to let go of and remove from your life. I will make the sigil for you. On the solstice I’ll consecrate them with my new tree friend. I’ll mail it to you and you will destroy it to complete the working.

Cost is $50.

Deadline for ordering is December 20th.

You buy yours by clicking here.

If you have questions please drop me an email.

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