Magic and Tarot

This is a collection of the pieces I have been writing on the theme of magic and its relationship to reading cards.

  • Can Magic Change Lives?How does magic work? Does it matter of we believe in it? A tale of working with clients based on their beliefs.
  • Looking for Magic? Melinda's MessageWhy is it so hard to find magic today? Because we have forgotten how and where to look. Because we have lost faith and our connection to spirit.
  • Tarot is the Change you Want!If you are saying "I already had a reading I just need to know how to fix it." You might be surprised to find that the answers might still be all in the cards.
  • When is a Curse not a Curse? Magic and Tarot ReadingWhen someone brings their child in for a reading it can require delicacy. If they think their child is cursed it gets very complicated very quickly.