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EP99 Heathenry and Ancestors with Lonnie Scott

Lonnie and Andrew explore the how reconstruction and revisioning of heathen traditions plays out in Lonnie’s life and the world. Going from both the inspiration in Lonnie’s life to the racism and problems that also exist in some adherents. The also talk about chaos magic and finding your own path.  Or download directly here. Think […]

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EP97 Living with Astrology with Kelly Surtees

Kelly and Andrew explore the influence of the planets in their lives and the lives of their clients. Sharing ideas about Uranus moving into Taurus. They also talk about the possibilities and limits of resolving challenges with more difficult placements. They also laugh a lot! You can also get it directly here. Think about how […]

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Plants, People, and Magic with Rebecca Beyer

Rebecca and Andrew talk about the way plants work in their lives – through sharing about their studies and personal journeys with plants. They also talk about fear and how pushing through that brings better things even though it isn’t easy. Finally they also talk about traditional knowledge and how to respect elders an indigenous […]

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