Being weird is not enough

A while back I had a dream that has been shaping my life over the last year or longer. I was with Andy Warhol at his studio. There were lots of people around all chatting and keeping on eye on what Andy was was up to. Waiting for him to put on a show or announce something. He, however, was only interested in talking to me. 

“Andrew” he said “The world needs your art. It needs your particular weirdness so it can make sense of itself. It needs your creativity. Can you share that with us all?”

“I’m definitely willing do that.” I replied not entirely sure of myself.

“I do not just want you to be weird though. I want you to be a magnificent weirdo! To embody the fullness of everything about you that is unique. This is the important part. If you are just strange it won’t help. If you are glorious about it – that is where the magic is.”

I committed myself to this goal in my dream. Afterwards Andy walked me around introducing me to al the important people who could help me make it happen. Everyone was very excited. 

I’ve thought about this dream a lot since then. I’ve worked to embody its energy. I’ve worked magic to bring myself into alignment with it. I’ve made talismanic clothes (get yours here) to help me bring the fullness of this to bear. Yet two pieces are remaining. 

Declaring it. Which is where this post comes in. 

“I am a magnificent weirdo.” 

There I’ve said it.

The other part in an invitation. Just as Andy invited me into the great mystery of myself – so I invite you in the same way. The world needs the full magic of your authentic being. It needs you to embrace your challenges, strengths, and perspective and put them all to work. One of Andy’s talents was to own their peculiarities and make them work for him. 

I am here to help folks make sense of themselves and the world. Through my art, readings and magic. Spending time with me will bring you back into yourself. Into your own particularness. To that place where you are truly distinct and separate. that’s the weird part. The magnificent part is that it happens through relating. So you are not disconnected from the world and others but instead connected weirdo to weirdo. 

So consider this the year of the magnificent weirdo. I hope you‘ll join me. I’ll be sharing a lot more about this as the year goes on.


PS I know Andy had his issues like all the saints ever have. Perfect he was not. 

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