Big new format for the podcast!

Hello my friends.
I am gearing up to roll out the new podcast format this Friday – May 14th. Going forward the podcast will have 3 seasons of 6 episodes a year. (Episodes will come out weekly for six weeks.)

The spring 2021 season will include:

  • Barbara Moore tarot genius
  • Jason Miller on how we identify and what it means for our magic
  • Stacking Skulls just being ourselves
  • Susie Chang and Mel Meleen on esotericism
  • Willie Ramos – my Lukumi elder
  • Maria Minnis on anti-racism and tarot

Supporting accessibility and the podcast.

As I have said before I am no longer going ahead with Patreon. The efforts to support it are beyond my time. To do it right sI’d really need 4 hours a week and the only place that can come from is my sleep. So I am switching it up and offering a few new possibilities.

  • Buy me a coffee – you can make a one time donation here. Keep in mind donations are in multiples of $5.
  • Buy me a coffee subscription. You can sign up for a $5 or $10 monthly membership. Please keep in mind podcasts will come in 3 season Spring, Fall, and winter not monthly.
  • You can send me money via Paypal here
  • Canadians can etransfer me at (no password required)Whether you continue to support the podcast or not I want to thank you for your support so far. It is greatly appreciated.

Have you missed out on the podcast so far?

I have been running the podcast since February of 2011. It has 115 episodes on magic, spirituality, divination, art and magic available for your enjoyment right now. I’ve had all sorts of luminaries of the tarot world on over the years. It all started with 6 episodes asking my guests why some people change and others do not. A question i still find fascinating.

Where you can find the podcast?

If you search “the Hermit’s lamp Podcast” in just about any channel you use you should find it. that means Google, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. If you don’t find it drop me a line and I’ll get to posted there too.

However the one place it is going away is if you subscribed by RSS and email previously. Google is ending this service. If you want to get it in your email please join my mailing list from the front page of the website here. You’ll get twice monthly emails which will include links to the podcast during its seasons. You will also get other updates. I know it isn’t the same but I can only support so many pathways.

I look forward to sharing the new episodes with you shortly.


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