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EP75 The Ask Andrew Episode

For the 75th episode of The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast we decided to have a little fun. Get to know the guy who runs the show a little better with a fun Ask Andrew Episode led by the wonderful Fabeku Fatunmise! So join us for something a little different this week, see if your question get’s answered […]

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EP73b Magick, Curses, and Scams

Over the past while I have been hearing of people who are being scammed for what is sometimes a sizeable amount of money all for a magickal service. Most of the time to lift a certain curse or jinx that has been placed upon you. I want to clarify when to trust this work, when […]

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Reading Tarot for Trans People

Hello! I’m Hanlon, Andrew’s life partner. I haven’t written on the Hermit’s Lamp blog before (although I have done editing and proofreading on most of them) so this is my first post! Let me start by introducing myself as a reader here at the Hermit’s Lamp and also as a transgendered person. So I am a […]

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