Spotlight On: Arcane Bullshit Deck

The “Cards Against Humanity” of the New Age world.

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Creator(s): Evan Doherty
Publisher: 2018, self-published
Type: Oracle
Cards: 105
Card Size: 12cm x 7cm
Card Back: black and white, reversible
Additional Materials: 48 page pocket-sized book


The Arcane Bullshit deck is the Cards Against Humanity of the New Age world: it’s entertaining, great for parties, and can really drive home a point. Straight into the funny bone, or the heart, depending on how seriously you take it. Because you *can* take this deck seriously, and you should.

Arcane Bullshit is a collection of 105 black and white oracle-style cards featuring an image and a description on each. The deck is accompanied by a little black book that includes helpful card spread ideas like “The Shit Sandwich” (aka the 3 card spread) and “The Pit Master” (aka toss them down a well and read them with a flashlight. Uh, sure. I have a handy well.) The cards themselves are your typical oracle card stuff, like Horse Death, The Gross Cup, The Inverted Squirrel, and Knees. Everyone loves a good Knees card, and this one is particularly ripe with imagery to help you with your interpretations. It’s one of the best I’ve seen, to be honest. If you need a little direction with your reading, the book can help you there. The interpretations are short, snappy, and to the point. Since we’re discussing the Knees card, we’ll look at that one. “You’re ability to bend is your greatest asset.” See? That’s so relevant, it’s crazy. So, even though the name and concept behind the cards is pretty silly, this deck still functions as a divinatory tool on par with the best.

In summary, the Arcane Bullshit deck isn’t bullshit at all. It’s funny, smart and very usable.

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