Simply Learn tarot – My Free eBook is now out

I am so excited to let you know I wrote a book on how to read tarot the cards. Really really excited!

 If you would like to learn how to read the cards this book will give you what you need to get started.

The most important thing you need to know in order to learn to read tarot: IT IS SIMPLE! I mean it. If it feels complicated to you now – it won’t after you read and work with this little book. I have been reading the cards for over 25 years now, I have given thousands of readings, and taught hundreds of people to read for themselves. It is simple.

Start reading the cards right now! This book will give you all the tools you need be able to read for any aspect of life you might want to take to the cards:

  • Straightforward language free of jargon or obscure words
  • What each cards means
  • How to understand a card in context – what does a card say about love, money, or health
  • A guide to asking better questions
  • An empowering spread for any situation
  • Tools to help you build your knowledge
  • An easy layout so you can find what you want to know fast

If you would like a copy you can grab it from my website here.

If you got this in other spots online today. Thanks for your patience. I am very excited as I said and really want people to get it.


PS Melinda and I will return to our regular posting schedule next week. This roll out has taken most of my time and energy.

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