Meet the Princess of Disks – A New Way to Learn Tarot.

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There is no questioning that tarot is a visual medium. Yet we spend a lot of time ascribing words to these works of art. The problem is that language by its nature limits and excludes so that it can create a definition. I think we should let the art do the talking. In my deck, Tarot Waiting to Happen, I started a process of using art to question our assumptions about the traditional meanings of the cards. In this weekly series I am going to share images of the cards intended to invoke questions rather than produce answers.

If you accept this challenge please share your interpretation of the artwork I share. Even better would be to come up with a question you think this card is asking us and share that.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Andrew McGregor

If you are not sure why you are waiting perhaps a reading can help.

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“Making Art” image by Andrew McGregor (me).

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10 comments on “Meet the Princess of Disks – A New Way to Learn Tarot.”

  1. James McKenna

    This card to me, is telling me to stop and take a break, its not necessarily a message to me about procrastination, but more reassurance that now is the right time for relax, rest.
    I can hear. “Take the time to sit back and focus on what the universe is saying, listen with your heart, and use your intuition and insight to see what to do and/or where to go.”

  2. Catherine

    It doesn’t matter how hard I try to make it, or how long I wait, that darn’d squirrel is going to show up when IT chooses… THEN my scene before me will become a gloriously technicoloured !!! Hmmm… must see my therapist!

  3. Cath

    What is real? What counts as existing? This card invites me to question assumptions and attachment to assumptions about reality and imagination. It invites me to consider perception. How might I do this today? Well its timely, since my whole day has been about a conflict of perception and how to resolve this or let go attachment to illusions, since we are all connected in the heart.

  4. Jo

    This card reminds me of a saying, a rocking chair gives you something to do yet doesn’t get you anywhere. So when this card is revealed you have a choice to stay stuck, or get up and do something.

  5. Deirdre

    I can imagine that the woman in the image is about to pick up one of the books on the shelf next to her and learn something amazing. OR maybe she has a bunch of knitting on her lap and is about to start crafting a sweater. OR maybe she’s thinking: “Today is the day I learn how to do a cartwheel!”. There is a lot of potential activities before her, and it’s good she’s taking a moment to mediate on what is the best possible course of action from here.

  6. Andrew McGregor

    True we often have a choice. I missed my plane recently while traveling and had to wait 6 hours for the next one. They had rocking chairs in the waiting area. Sometimes all we can do is rock.

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