Mirrors reflecting the world but where is the Queen of Cups?

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The court cards in the tarot are web of personality traits, philosophies, actions, and reactions, to the world. In each card, like in every person, there is the possibility for positive and negative behaviours. This series on becoming the court cards is all about exploring the ways in which these sixteen archetypes of human personality can both trap and liberate us. This post is part of series on becoming the best we can through understanding the court cards. You can read them all here. 

Mirrors within Mirrors

The Queen of Cups can be a wonderful card. She might have the biggest heart out of any of the court cards. Nurturing and caring, she has the wonderful ability to put others first. She is also often very empathic and intuitive. This is a card of people who can be quite psychic.

There are so many reflections with the Queen of Cups she might even end up hiding from herself.

There are so many reflections with the Queen of Cups she might even end up hiding from herself.

When I am reading for people and the Queen of Cups shows up in a negative way she often arises to tell me there is a big communication issue in this person’s life. The Queen of Cups talks to us of reflections and mirrors. In looking at our reflection there is an inherent distortion in what we see. It is not actually us. It is only an image. In this gap between who they are and what is seen by others we can find the nature of their communication issue.

The Queen of Cups lives a very different life inside herself  than what people in her life might see. She is often surrounded by people who only like her for what she can do for them. They only want the support, money, sex, or other roles she provides in their lives. For her part she goes along with it. Somewhere in her life the notion that she must give others what they want so they will like her has taken a strong hold.

The fault here though is not fixed by simply refusing to give people what they want. That might be a part of the process to embodying the best of this card, but it is not the whole issue. The bigger issue is that she waits behind the mirror hoping that the people around her will give her what she quietly longs for. That somehow they will see her through the mirror and offer her fulfillment. Of course the people that this card talks about rarely find themselves in the company of mind readers so those dreams go unanswered.

The biggest action that she must learn to take is to start speaking up for herself. In reading for this card with many people they always feel they are being direct and open with the people around them. When I ask them to tell me how they asked for what they wanted the answers are most often vague and wishy washy. “I want this” does not come out of their mouth. Instead their requests are couched in caveats, back tracking and a good dose of “umm well.. you know… unless you’d rather do something else.” Learning to be succinct and direct is the key to becoming the best of the Queen of Cups.

So if this card is resonating for you ask yourself, or your deck the following questions.

  1. What obligations am I living up to in order to keep other people happy?
  2. What inside me holds me back from asking for my hearts desire?
  3. Who or what in my life inhibits me from asking for my hearts desire?
  4. What would a bolder or more direct form of communication get me in my life?

The Queen of Cups shows up to say “Don’t be afraid – open your mouth and solve your troubles.”
Andrew McGregor

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