Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know.

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The court cards in the tarot are web of personality traits, philosophies, actions, and reactions, to the world. In each card, like in every person, there is the possibility for positive and negative behaviours. This series on becoming the court cards is all about exploring the ways in which these sixteen archetypes of human personality can both trap and liberate us. This post is part of series on becoming the best we can through understanding the court cards. You can read them all here. 

Becoming the Queen of Disks

Meet the Queen of Disks. Is she prepping for action of pinning for a dream she does not know how to realize?

Meet the Queen of Disks. Is she prepping for action of pinning for a dream she does not know how to realize?

The Queen of Disks represents a certain kind of waiting. Not the “time just has to pass” waiting of the Princess of Disks. Or the “It is in God’s hands” waiting of the King of Disks. Like the Prince of Disks she represents an active kind of waiting. In her case it is the process of using her connections.

The Queen of Disks at her best knows what she needs and has the ability to make it happen. When this card speaks positively of a person they have a wide open road in front of them. Their ability to manage and manifest their dreams is amazing to watch.

However, when this card arrives in a more negative aspect this Queen often does not know how to get where they dream about being in life. Some times inertia or hopelessness has taken hold. This card is the winter blues for some people. The dark skies and short winter days discourage action and encourage us back into the warmth of our bed. The hustle and bustle of summer on a farm is done but there is always work to be done. Even when they are working hard to make something happen they tend to go about it on their own and suffer in silence about it.

Often the Queen of Disks is unaware that she already has access to the way to get what she wants. Most often it is through the people she knows and the tools she already has that she can find her hearts desire. Like the Queen of Cups this card requires the person to speak up to get what she needs. It can be be shyness or pride holding them back, but either way the fact that they must tell their network as a whole stands in the way. “My friends know I am looking for a date.” “I can’t think of anyone who works in my field.”  This is the trap. The solution is found in the power of a network of people that they are connected in ways you cannot see. Wit this card you never can really know for sure who might already know the love of your life or your future boss.

If the person is looking for a new partner – they need to tell people what they have in mind. A new job will come through someone who knows someone. There will be a connection to that workplace even if they don’t directly know the person who works there. Every change that the person hopes to make will come directly from some connection that is already in their phone book, Facebook, or Twitter lists.

So if this card is resonating for you ask yourself, or your deck the following questions.

  1. Is my goal clearly articulated?
  2. What holds me back from being more public about what I am looking for?
  3. How do I move past whatever is holding me back? (from question 2)
  4. Who might I need to share my goals with? Could be someone needs reminding too.

The Queen of Disks shows up to say “Use your words to send your request into the universe – your friend will help you find what you need.”

If you know someone who deals with this issue please share this with them. If you need help moving ahead to the life you are looking to live please get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

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“My name is” image by “Quinn Dombrowski

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2 comments on “Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know.”

  1. Cath

    Love this Andrew. It’s opened up a new perception. Love the theme of Waiting. I am immediately thinking of this theme in dramatic texts such as Waiting for Godot (Beckett) and Chekhov’s Three Sisters or The Cherry Orchard. In fact an exploration of Chekhovian drama fits this suite and themes very well. Inspired by you as always!

  2. Andrew McGregor

    There are so many kinds of waiting in the tarot. Even in the court cards there are a lot of references to what the person is waiting on and why. Looks like I am going to have to go rad some Russian literature soon.

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