How Bob enjoyed his day in the Sun

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To me the summer and the Sun card cannot be separated. So we join Bob the former fool as he lives its energy. If you did not meet Bob yet you might want to read this post first.

Celebrate the Sunrise

Tarot of Marseille - Sun Card

The sun card is all about freedom and joy. Here at the rise of the sun what will you do to enjoy life now?

Bob sits on the grass on a beautiful midsummer day. His two children, Erin and Philip, build sandcastles at the ocean’s edge. His eyes just rest on them taking in their joy. It is obvious even from this distance that some kind of game is going on but what the details of their amusements are is impossible to tell. It seems likely they are just making it up as they go along. Fond memories of similar games from his youth drift through his mind.

Bob gazes over at his wife Lucy who is eating strawberries on the blanket beside him. Her lips are covered in there red juice. She catches him looking and winks at him. He can almost read her mind “Is this not the perfect day?” Bob realizes it is perfect. He also realizes that there is nothing on his mind. No tomorrow or next week. No history or stress. Just wave, bird, child, smells, wave, and the feeling of the sun slow roasting his body.

Here at the outskirts of the city is where Bob feels the most at ease. It is as if, beyond the daily grind of city life, that old feeling of freedom returns. He can almost smell the fragrant lilac that encouraged him to leave his old life behind on the sea breeze wafting past him. The awareness of the complete absence of any need or want overcomes his nostalgia and then a profound realization dawns on him “I think I’d like some of those strawberries.” That is as deep as this day will get.

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Strawberries image by Fried Dough.

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9 comments on “How Bob enjoyed his day in the Sun”

  1. Jordan Hoggard

    A reverberating rockin’ YES! to “How Bob enjoyed his day in the Sun”! Afloat in Hanged Man clarity with no need of the title of even that. Wonderful expression of a perfect day. Thanks for your sunny story of bliss in action.

  2. Arwen

    Love hearing how Bob’s been going. I thought he was going to get more than the strawberries though. 😀

  3. Aisling

    I love me some Bob, and I love his day in the sun. Must. Have. Strawberries!

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