Untangle your Life and Find Happiness – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

You already know what you need to do. Melinda’s Message

Tarot of Marseille 8 of Coins

Here we have the 8 of Coins – the work of untangling and separating the various parts of your life. It is a practical work and must be done with focus and in conjunction with making change in your life.

Last message, I talked about the need to make your life a wonder to yourself so that you may find love. I can already hear the thought “but how Melinda?” I think that people almost always know exactly what it is that they need to do in almost every setting but we are not usually raisede to allow our intuition and spirit to guide us so we feel far removed from this knowing. This is the biggest value in getting a reading – it can help reveal to you the decisions that will make you happier when you cannot perceive them yourself. I will deal with predicting the future later – but even this talent, as remarkable as it seems, often only helps us reconcile what we already know to be true.

People like to play the fool and try and deny the truth of their lives.

I am not talking about lying to yourself here – that is far too strong a notion for what I am getting at. I am talking about avoid looking at what you know you need to do that will not be easy or maybe pleasant. The kind of challenge like “My marriage is not making me happy” that is immediately followed by the rational “I cannot leave because of my son” or another other kind of rationalizing. This kind of pulling the rug out from under important thoughts happens all the time on all levels. Be honest, like every other person, you seek comfort and wish to avoid struggle. It is nothing to feel bad about… but it is also a behaviour that hinders every one of us to some degree.

An unhappy life is like a tangle of string. Each threads distinctness is lost in the clump. The whole seems unmanageable so the work is never begun. You might not even now how many or few threads are in the pile and you certainly will not know if they are all worth keeping. If you want to build a life that is a beacon of joy in the universe you must separate these strings.

The past is often a bothersome tangle. Health, especially sustaining vigor and strength, can often be neglected. Friendships might be a source of support or disruptions. Family is almost always a complicated mix of feelings. Money… well I do not think I even need to say why this can become a gnarled mess. Then there is the often overly romanticized notions of your calling or creativity to make sense of. And so it goes, thread wound around thread, a knotted mess to untangle.

To deal with this problem you must first acknowledge it. Once you are clear that there is a problem you must choose a time and way to deal with it. Choose a time and write it on your calendar otherwise it will float forever in the future. Do you need a therapist? A reading? A ticket to a far off land? In my day this is why people came to see me. In your modern time there are many options but I cannot speak to their efficiency. It does seem to me that going it alone with a book is the least likely way to succeed but as you know I am old-fashioned. I think that if you ask yourself in a moment of quiet what way to deal with the tangle of your life your spirit will tell you which tool to chose. Be wise and listen to that voice and the answers that walking that path bring you.

Thank you for listening.
If you need my help just ask.

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