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The Art of Tarot show

Our first show opened October 27th. As you might guess we chose Tarot as the theme and 12 artists shared their vision of the future of Tarot. I am honoured by the people who put work forward for this show and really happy at the level of bot the art and its diversity in depicting […]

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The Magician

The Fool does not know where he is going or why. The Magician only does what is in alignment with his path or destiny. With the Magician every act, gesture, or word is intentional. Of course he is an illusionist too. Truth with a capital T achieved through using truth or illusion depending on which […]

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Truth & Honesty – Part I

I thought that Truth and Honesty would be a great subject for my first series of posts on my blog. It is not my intention that this blog become a space to flog merchandise, yet I found myself so inspired by this subject I have also created a powdered incense blend to go with it. […]

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