Please – Be Aware – Sharks Patrol these Waters

On Getting Conned.

Please consider this a public service announcement.

So this week saw an influx of new customers who have been ripped off by other readers. It is heart breaking to tell someone that the stone they spent thousands of dollars on is only worth $50 at best. Or that the psychic they got so much guidance from was working to make them dependant on their service so they could ask for thousands to help them with their life.

marseille_magus_sharkThe magician in modern tarot often carries a spiritual meaning or talks of mastery. In the older decks he might also be seen as the conman. Setting up his table playing games to amaze you and take your money. Or perhaps just using slight of hand to cheat at cards. Perhaps selling you a tonic to help your hair grow back?

When I talk about these kinds of problems many people laugh and scoff at the foolishness of these people. Maybe you are not the kind of person that gets taken in by others but I think most of us experience this on some level or another. Do you get up sold at the movie theatre? Just 50 cents more for a large. How about the extra insurance at the car rental place? Never mind the more pervasive and less easily identifiable cons of advertising and marketing.

In the all areas of life it can be very tough to know what is actually helpful and what is just someone looking to cash in. Will that new webinar help you make twice as much money? A lot of it ends up looking like a pyramid scheme. Is that new natural cure for cancer real? Will quantum light radiant angel DNA energetics heal your body? We are all vulnerable when we are afraid. As humans we are all afraid of something. It is just a question of how clear we are around our fears. How honest we are with ourselves about them will determine how vulnerable we are to dishonesty in others.

Magic, divination, crystals, energy healing, life coaching, or new shoes can all change your life. They might also help you get healthier, more successful, or find a date. It is a very fine line between what is helpful and what is deceitful. The magician is a powerful card. One interpretation of his power is that it comes from his self awareness and faith in himself. In the end you have to trust yourself. If someone promises something that sounds too good to be true it likely is. If it is easy – it is less likely to work. If it is really expensive – get a second opinion. The more special the deal, the quicker they want you to buy – the less you should trust them.

Good luck in your journey. Life can be wondrous and grand  – just be mindful of the sharks in the water.
Andrew McGregor

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Shark image by R. Jeremia


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