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I have been thinking about the contrast between our city as a collective being and as a collection of individual beings. As a tarot reader I could use my tarot cards to read for the city as a whole. Essentially treating it as a being of its own. I can also zoom down and see the people who make up and influence the city and read for them personally. Between these two poles I want to play and explore the life of a city through my lens of tarot with you.

If you don’t live in Toronto do not worry, as the process can be revealing and relates to any city. If you think I got it wrong somehow – either the point or the card I chose – please share you comments at the end.

On December 30th I joined about 500 people in supporting the Idle No More movement and Chief Teresa Spence who has been on a hunger strike since December 11th. The group took over the central fountain at the Eaton Centre and drummed, sang and danced in support of both the Chief and this movement.

I was deeply moved by the showing and often felt waves of emotion and spirit overwhelm me to the point of being unable to speak. My guides certainly wanted me to be there. I also feel it is important to show my children that when we believe in something it is important to speak up and be engaged in what is going on. For me voting every few years just does not cut it.

500 people showed up to support Chief Spence's hunger strike. The juxtaposition of the Eaton Centre as a place of consumerism and the Chief's hunger strike was very moving.

500 people showed up to support Chief Spence’s hunger strike. The juxtaposition of the Eaton Centre as a place of consumerism and the Chief’s hunger strike was very moving.

In the tarot the Two of Wands is a card that stands for the kind of stalemate playing out between Chief Spence and PM Harper. Here we have two powers, equal and autonomous, creating friction against each other. Before I get a lot of angry emails let me say clearly that in this situation the PM embodies all the power in a tangible way. It is his office and the government that control the money, laws, and methods of enforcement. However, I respect Chief’s spence assertion of sovereignty and I feel strongly that she has the power of spirit on her side. Hence, the two of wands – two forces in friction making sparks.

This friction is building up heat slowly but surely. When I first posted about it on Facebook early in December the Chief’s hunger strike was not being talked about. A few weeks later 500 people showed up to show their support. As this heat builds up we will see if the two leaders can use it to create light or if it will lead to an explosion.

Chief Spence has asked one thing – that the Premier sit down with her and talk. Sure there a number of issues on the list to be worked out and they are all really important but the request is simple. Let’s talk as one person to another. Let’s talk as equals and with respect. Let’s commit to resolving these issues.

The Two of Wands. Two forces in friction can lead to an explosion or respect and harmony.

The Two of Wands. Two forces in friction can lead to an explosion or respect and harmony.

Instead of meeting and starting to follow through with his previous commitments to better the situation of Canada’s Indigenous people PM Harper has stayed away. The government has suggest that Chief Spence meet with other officials instead. Suggesting that their offices are more responsible for her issues. In these answers there is a a failure to hear the request that echoes and reinforces the whole history of the conflict. We know what you need. We don’t need to listen. You should heed our advice. We know what is better for you. All of this sitting on top of hundreds of years of abuse, conflict, betrayal, genocide, and control.

I know Chief Spence’s ancestors stand with her. I don’t know what the PM’s ancestors think of his actions.

So we have the Two of Wands. I hope it is the spark that kindles new and better relationships for my country. That it carry that warm and welcoming feeling of the protest I attended. I fear it could be the spark that kindles increasing conflict and revolt if the government refuses to listen and Chief Spence’s hunger strike ends in her death.

I ask two things of you after reading this if either feels right to you.

  1. Email or call PM Harpers office and ask for him to speak with Chief Spence. It will only take you 30 seconds.Click here for one that is already set up for you.
  2. Send your prayers, energy, or whatever works for you to Chief Spence to help sustain her in mission to be heard.

I thank you for your action.
Andrew McGregor

Some great resources can be found at these sites.
Idle No More
Lawyers Rights Watch Canada
Amnesty International

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