What is on your mind? Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

I feel that it is time to change the way I have been communicating with you for a while.

What do you need to know? Seriously, what is on your mind that you would like me to know my thoughts on? I feel that we are at a cross road where some of you want one thing and and others something different. More about reading, more about the cards, more about my life, or something that you are struggling with now. Email Andrew your questions and I will work through answering them. Do not be shy just ask. We will make sure that your answers are anonymous in the posts.

Thank you for reading my messages.
Please let me know what questions you have.

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  1. James Wells

    What could be the best catalyst for the general public to shift from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining society before it’s too late?

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