How You can Save the World – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Last week I asked you to ask me what is on your mind. I would still like to hear your questions so please ask them. This week I am going to answers James Wells question.

James asked “What could be the best catalyst for the general public to shift from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining society before it’s too late?”

Thank you for your question James. I think that before I answer I should speak about what I think the question is asking. If I am wrong please let me know.

You are asking what could happen, or might be done or said, to get people to change their relationship to the natural world and the earth before the earth is so ruined it cannot be renewed? I put it this way because I can tell you that technology and industry are part of the solution to the world’s issues. There can be no harkening back to the world of your youth, my youth, or any other lost time of natural splendour. There can be no closing the door on technology or the machinery of industry that makes it.

The solution is to diminish our impact on the earth and this is rooted in the act of filling our hearts so that people no longer look for fulfillment in things. I have in many ways been talking about this problem in all of my messages. Especially in the post “Stop Being Alone.” I have only partly answered your question because the solution is already known. It is truly the catalyst as you put it that is the mystery. There is no one catalyst, but you can find the catalyst in any person by looking at what opens their heart, helps them feel connected with others, and makes them no longer feel a hunger for anything. It is only by helping people connect with others that the awareness needed can arise and be turned into action.

This is so because the problem stems from the human heart and lives in the human heart.

Marseille Papesse CardMarseille Pope Card
From the Tarot we must first look to the Papess not as embodying her beneficence, but by approaching her and asking for love and connection in our lives. We must approach the Pope and ask him to awaken us to a life of self responsibility. We must cuddle in the bosom of Death and give over to it our fears and hurts so that we may be free. We must sit in need and allow these energies to wash, clothe, and feed us so we may become whole.

Marseille Death CardDo you see that it is only by not presuming too much of ourselves that the balance and healing that are needed can arise?

Let me take my answer a step further and say to everyone reading this post. It is your job to open the hearts of those around you so they may find fulfillment, not from you, but within their own hearts. Use your ears to listen and your words to buoy their grief and despair to the four winds so it may be carried away. Do this without hope of return and you will be part of the catalyst James asks about. In doing this though never let yourself be pulled down too if they are truly drowning. Not everyone can be saved.

It is in opening the heart that solutions to the practical problems can be found. Stewardship, respect, and cleaning up after themselves can then become common human traits in relationship to consuming resources and the natural world.

Thank you for asking.

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1 comment on “How You can Save the World – Melinda’s Friday Message”

  1. Katrina Wynne

    Beautiful message and so true. This is what the Tarot teaches, what I share with my Tarot and counseling clients, how to be more self-full, filled with self-worth, self love, and sharing our love with others. So different than the scarcity consciousness, give me, hungry ghost (no offense meant Melinda….talking about those other spirits) attitude that prevails in the media and which attempts to overpower us all.

    My cup overflows with love. It is not empty. It does not wait to be filled by you. It rejoices with you as we each share our delightful essence.

    In Spirit,

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