Are you fated to live the life you are living? Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Melinda’s Message

Let us talk about the future. In most peoples lives there are few things that are set in stone. I do not believe it now, nor did I see it when I was alive, that the future is a line of events laid out before we are born. We certainly have free will and there is much that our choices can affect about the future.

Always people have felt they can change their lives but it is not so simple as that. People like to think that their choices start now and that they will make everything bright and shiny tomorrow. They like to neglect the choices that they made along the way that have brought them some place that they do not like. A good reading is one that predicts what cannot be changed either due to fate or to previous choices creating current limitations.

How much is fate?

Tarot of Marseille - The Devil

The choices we make today are either going to build the life we want, or they are deals with the Devil.

I can assure you, each and everyone reading this, that the time of your death is written stone. This was true of my daughter who died from a fall at age 7. I knew her time was short but I did not know how it would happen – usually a sign that something is destined to be. I told you previously that the future could often be of little comfort. We all will cross that line one day.

I also want to assure you that you can hasten the time of your death, or even worse, ensure a horrible end to your life through neglect and bad choices. A long life can be a blessing or a curse depending on the choices that you have made along the way.

Beyond this one universal truth there is little to say about fate and destiny that will apply to everyone. For some people much of their life may be written before the arrive on earth. For others it is a clean slate full of possibilities. I will talk about why we have destinies later on. You are best off to assume that the rest of your life is yours to choose.

How much can you change?

Think about your life now. How much can you change your life tomorrow. Can you wake up thinner? Can you substantially alter your relationship, or if you are single, wake up beside your true love? Will your bed be swapped out for piles of gold? Of course not. How much your life will change while you are asleep is based on the changes you made the day before? I am serious make a list of what you can change tomorrow about your life by some action you can take today. Then think about a week, a month, and a year. Create a list for each time line. Now be honest about the limits of your control for each change. Do you see how your future becomes predictable?

Of course a talented reader or psychic will also see how fate is interwoven in this mix which might be helpful or it may not. Change takes time and persistence. Use your lists to plan actions. Commit to your actions knowing that nothing is instant. Then you will change and you will see your free will at play.

Thank you for listening.

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