Nurture and Tend to the Flow – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Flow is the Key to Success – Melinda’s Friday Message

I want to talk today about building up a life. About focusing on creating growth, and since many of you are needing money, about bringing money into your life. It is important for me to remind you, or if you are new to my words, to send you back to re-read the ideas I shared with you on not needing healing.

Tarot of Marseille - The 3 of CupsFirst, let me say that luck, magic, and wishing have no place in our discussion. If you have success with these you do not need to worry about money. Some people are born in auspicious ways and life just unfolds for them – do not envy them, and even more importantly, do not try to learn from them. There is little a lucky person can teach you about making money.

Second, let me say that taking responsibility for your actions and focusing on keeping what you have built alive is crucial. People who talk about not being able to keep money in their pocket are fooling themselves. There is only one way to keep money and that is to not spend it, or let anyone else get it.

Money comes from movement and action. Money comes from building and expanding life in a way that is not rash or hurried. The roots of success must grow deep into the earth in order to weather life’s ups and downs. Money comes from work and effort, from time spent at your craft, or profession, and hours working in the dirt. Money comes from getting dirty hands and soiled clothes. It comes from calluses built slowly year after year. Ask yourself now, while no one is there to listen to your answer “Are you ready to work?” Be honest with yourself so you do not waste your time, or anyone else’s.

Money and success come from the flowing of water. We should talk about the 3 of cups here. It is a card where the rain that falls on the mountains gathers and forms rivers which grow strong and powerful as they reach the sea. Nothing can resist water for long. This card is the falling water on the top of those mountains, near or far, that nourishes everything that comes after.

If you wish your life to be a steady flowing river you must spy where in your life it is just beginning to move and then help it along. It is the smallest of actions at the earliest of stages that makes the most difference. Where are you on the river of your life? What work can you do there to make more flow later on? What tasks can you do to clear the stream so it may move faster? Where can the stream support a mill so you can harness its power without damming it and causing hardship upstream?

Nurture and tend to the flow. That is how growth happens.

While you dream and build also save for the drought so you can nurture and tend to yourself when the river runs dry.

Thanks for listening

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