Are you ready to chose love? Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Are you ready to chose love? Melinda’s Friday Message

Marseilles Lovers CardI am glad that many of you have been finding comfort in the conversation we have been having. I know that many of you are also dealing with issues of the heart. That you are in relationships that are not working well, or just have not found love yet. While money troubles bring about panic and fear, trouble with love brings despair and destroys self-confidence.

It is ultimately lack of confidence that is the root of trouble in love. I am not talking about the confidence to approach an attractive person and speak to them. I am not talking about what Andrew says is known now as “having game.” I do not care whether you are a man or a woman, confidence in yourself and your ability to make the right choice is the first and last problem that you will have around love.

For those who read the cards this all comes down to the Lovers card.

Love is— in the end—a choice. It is a choice to be open to it and it is a choice to stay in it. Love is a matter of boundaries, limits, agreements and perseverance – so romantic. People have always talked about finding the right one, about being swept away, about what their heart wants. Let me tell you that your heart does not know what you need. It can only really tell you if you are happy with what you have.

What kind of love life are you choosing?

Are you choosing to wait for a guaranteed success – it will never come. There are no guarantees about love. Everyone has been hurt. Everyone has had failures. If you allow these to close you off from love they will also close you off from the world. If you are closed to love from fear you will never be able to be open with family, or friends—let alone find a new lover.

Are you waiting for the perfect person to appear? It rarely happens that love knocks on our door. Most of the time it is found when you are busy living your life and not really looking. Nothing in this world is perfect. We are all human and no matter how deep our understanding of ourselves and the nature of the world we remain utterly and terrifyingly human. Accept it about yourself and others before you waste your life.

Are you staying with what you know even though it is not making you happy? This is the only time when your heart knows better. If you are unhappy – then you are unhappy and need to admit it. This is the hardest part for people. What do you tolerate and what do you walk away from.

Look at the card. Are you choosing happiness or unhappiness. It is an either-or decision and it is written in plain sight. Look at the women the man chooses between there is no mistaking the look on their faces. Your heart knows.

Thank you for listening.

PS If you would like to receive my guidance and advice on your life please schedule a reading with Andrew. I am always speaking with him when the cards are on the table.

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