Roll out the Chariot

I have been pondering the Chariot as the process of entering the world of duality. For some reason I am still trying to make sense of the Gnostic deity Abraxas feels very relevant to this card. If you look at the charioteer, chariot and the twin serpents carrying it forward it is in some way a representation of Abraxas to me.

The Chariot in my thoughts is the way of balance and the marks the road that must be followed to find evolution. It is not unlike the way of return on the Tree of Life. This path back to the source is often shown as a serpent winding up the tree touching all branches on the way. The Chariot card goes out and returns and dances across the boundary of unity and duality.

Below are two sketches of the Chariot.

Chariot - drawing not used.

Chariot rough

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