Creating a Tarot Deck from the inside out.

I have been working out my ideas for the Emperor, after an unsatisfying first draft, and thought it might be interesting to talk about my process around creating these cards. I am first and foremost a visual thinker. When I need to sort out what I think about ideas or formulate a plan I will often do a drawing to chew over the ideas and how they relate to one another. I have a few examples below for some of the cards I have done already.

It is a bit hard to talk about this since it is a primarily non verbal process. I think it is a bit akin to the idea of key words for cards that try and get to the essence of the idea or archetype the card stands for. In my case it is tied to an action or movement I see as essential to the card. If you think of these drawings as an attempt to depict the essential ‘being in action’ of the card you will be on the right track. In words I keep coming back to the question “what is this cards nature?”

I will try and talk about this more later on.

What is going inside?

In the Magician.

Juggling as way of being.

In the High Priestess.

What does the High Priestess do?

And in the Emperor.

What does the emperor do? process drawing

What does the emperor do?

I hope this make some sense.

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