4 Manifestations of the Spirit in the Tarot

This meditation came out of an advanced Tarot class I ran last year. We explored the relationship of different cards to each other based largely on the Tree of Life. This meditation focused on the four paths that cross the abyss – the boundary between the unmanifest spiritual plane and manifest plane. If you think of this as what happens right after the big bang you have an idea of where they come from. Try laying the cards out in front of you and looking at them as you go through. If you have a friend read it for you that might be even better.

The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers & The Chariot

You find yourself standing in a room from which there are 4 doors. The first leads outside and as you walk out you see a throne facing out to legions of soldiers. You sit and assume your position as their leader. They await your commands. What will it be for them and you today? Is it time for war? You turn to the side and look inwards. With this inner sight you connect to your inner light. This light is the light of the universe. From its wisdom you discern the best path to send your subjects on. You give your orders and troops move out to fill them. People come and kneel before you asking you to resolve their conflicts and relying on this inner light you pass your decrees. When your work is done for the day you retreat to the inner room behind the throne.

You return to the center and look to another door. This one leads out to a chapel where a couple waits to be wed. You change your garb and head out to fulfill your role. You speak the words of union and look into the hearts of the pair standing in front of you. Turning inwards to the eternal light of love you connect with this energy. It pours from on high into you and out into the couple eagerly awaiting this moment. Words flow from you about commitment, union, love and the labour that feeds it. In your heart you know they only grasp a small portion of what you say to them. Time will tell if they will nurture this day into a lasting life or not. Everyone cries with joy and hope at the culmination of the ceremony. You withdraw once again back to your chambers.

You turn to look at the third door and hear a knock. A seeker on the path has come to deepen their connection with the light. You open the door and they wait blindfolded and bound. You bring them in and ask them what they seek. Opening yourself up to the light you feel it fill you. It guides you as you move through the ritual. A part of this light you gift to the initiate. You free them from their bonds knowing that they will never see anything the same again. You introduce them to their selves and grant them words of wisdom. They depart in awe at what has come to pass and you take some time to center yourself again.

At the end of your day you prepare to do a ritual to balance and recharge yourself. First connect to the source. Then you circle slowly to each of the four directions calling up its guardian. Before each you ask be to balanced, cleansed and rejuvenated. With each you feel a greater sense of harmony and clarity about the direction in which you are headed. You return to the center and sit cross-legged on the small cushion. Around you stand the four elemental guides. They resolve from form to motion and you find yourself sitting perfectly still in the middle the whirling of the universe. Within you arises a familiar certainty of where you are going and what you must do with your life.

Please share your experience of this meditation in the comments with me. It really helps me get better to hear how these explorations work for people.

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