The Fool, Magician and Priestess

This meditation came out of an advanced Tarot class I ran last year. We explored the relationship of different cards to each other based largely on the Tree of Life. This meditation focused on the three paths that originate in Kether – the first emanation from the primal unity. If you think of this as what happens right after the big bang you have an idea of where they come from. Try laying the cards out in front of you and looking at them as you go through. If you have a friend read it for you that might be even better.

The Fool, Magician and Priestess
You open your eyes and find yourself in a field of grass and flowers under a clear blue sky. The tall grasses around you gently swirl in the breeze. Looking around you can see nothing but the seeming infinite expanse of fields, grass and flowers. You feel calm and at ease here. The wind seems to open a path through the grass and gently pushes you towards it. Following this opening you find yourself navigating through the fields. In front of you there is a small bush with bright yellow flowers covering it. Fascinated by it you find yourself drawn towards it. As you near you are greeted by its fresh scent. The yellow of the flowers, the green of the leaves all seem brighter and brighter the more you look at it.

You reach out to touch it and suddenly there is movement. It is not the wind this time but the movement of a butterfly spreading its wings and taking flight. With wonder you follow its flight, at first with your eyes, and then with your feet. The butterfly takes a winding path circling in on itself, first closer, now farther. Paying no heed to your surroundings you are drawn after it. Like dance partners the two of you ride the winds like music.

A rustling in the tall grass grabs your attention, yet you turn your attention back to the butterfly. With glee you follow it dancing through the grass. Another movement and this time a sound brings you out of your reverie. What is there in the grass with you? Moving away from the unseen presence you head in the opposite direction. Hearing the sound of something following you, you pick up the pace. Behind you a large cat emerges from the grasses. You start to run and it follows. A hill rises in front of you and you bolt up it, tumbling off the hidden precipice on the other side into the darkness.

You find yourself floating in space. Calm and serene. A light come from inside you and as you turn your attention to the darkness you see many stars dotting the infinite expanse. Aware of the power of the light within you words form on your lips and find the darkness being clothed in images. People, places and things fill up the space that the darkness once occupied. Within each of these you are aware of the star – the spark of the divine – within all that you see. It surprises you that they are not aware of this truth.

You watch the movement of these stars as they move through their lives. You watch as needs and fears drive them to action. Their actions seem endless driven by the outside forces impacting on them. Turning inward you feel needs of your own, and as you perceive them you give them names. Naming hunger food appears, naming love a companion joins you, naming wealth opportunity and money flow towards you. You walk among them but no one sees you. You pass by stores, homes and buildings. You find a quiet place to sit with your thoughts and turn your attention inwards.

A building is raised around you but you pay it little mind. People come and kneel before you uttering their hopes and fears, their prayers and requests. From within you feel the swelling of your connection with the source. Silently you sit and commune with the source of all. Within each of those who come before you see the spark that permeates all creation.

From within or is it above you understand what each truly needs. You whisper to them the solution to their troubles but few hear. You lend them of your light but few feel. You speak to them of the infinite nature in each of them but the still hate and fear. They bring you flowers and gifts and you sit there silently. Always in touch with the source, always in touch with the world.

Please share your experience of this meditation in the comments with me. It really helps me get better to hear how these explorations work for people.

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