EP85 Stacking Skulls with Jason Miller

In this episode the band, Andrew McGregor, Aidan wachter, and Fabeku Fatunmise, bring is guest musician and occultist Jason Miller. The converstation covers magick, ego, meditation, and much humour. Think about how much you’ve enjoyed the podcast and how many episodes you listened to, and consider if it is time to support the Patreon You can […]

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EP80 Stars and Magic with Austin Coppock

Austin and Andrew talk about astrology from a lived perspectice. The conversation runs through ways in which both have worked with the planets magically to grow as people and achieve practical magic. This is conversation is a rarity in which the actual application of planetary magic gets to be the star of the show. Or […]

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EP79 Sex and Spirit with Ty Shaw

This week I’m joined by the one and only Ty Shaw. We dive deep into our connections with the Orishas and Ty talks us through some of her sexual empowerment work and how they all connect. Her work covers old traditions and new traditions, and her dedication to her practise is inspiring. This is one […]

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