Tarot and Magic an Introduction

Divination is one of the biggest keys to working success magic. It can give us a sense of both the what and the how of working something to make a situation closer to what we want. However it does benefit from a non-western way of looking at the cards. We can’t just rely on key works or lists of meanings.

This workshop will be an introduction to approaching the cards to create magic. I’ll take you through some of the tools I use on a regular basis with clients. To help you cut through the core of what is going on and how to affect it. We’ll talk about spell work, ritual and devotional takes on making changes.

This is the first in a series of classes. Also consider checking out An introduction to Magic and Tarot, Luck, and Magic – all three work together but you can also learn from any of the.

This 90 minute workshop will tackle this approach to reading tarot head on. Giving you both specific tools to use and solid guidelines to get the most accurate answers possible. We’ll cover:

  • General considerations about magic and its potentials and limits.
  • How to see magical problems in the cards.
  • How to think about fixing them.
  • A variety of magical approaches for different problems
  • Safety issues and practical limits you might need to watch for.

This 90 minute class is prerecorded and available for instant access streaming.
$40 Canadian Dollars.

This class is focused on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels. It does not require that you be fluent in either magic or card reading but it does benefit from some experience with each.

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