Tarot, Magic, and Luck

Luck is a prominent and misunderstood part of many conversations about magic. Whether we side wit the idea of making our own luck, or think we have a fated luck, we probably not entirely correct. In cultures around the world there are many ways to increase or lose your luck. This class will share with you much of what I have learned in my 35 years of reading tarot.

Can you make your own luck?

Of course you can!

This class will explore the role card reading can play in helping assess and show resolutions for issues with luck. We’ll talk about many of the common problems people have with their luck and their causes and solutions. We’ll talk about the ways in which magic and practical actions to start leading a luckier life.

This is the second in a series of 3 classes I’ll run on the topic of tarot and magic over the course of the year. You are not required to take the first class on tarot and magic or the class on money and tarot but you might find them helpful – especially if you are new to these topics.

This 90 minute workshop will tackle this approach to reading tarot head on. Giving you both specific tools to use and solid guidelines to get the most accurate answers possible.

We will cover:

  • An overview of luck and how it works.
  • Using tarot to diagnose problems with luck
  • Using tarot to find solutions to problems with luck
  • A variety of magical approaches for fixing these problems
  • Safety issues and practical limits you might need to watch for. Including bias, privilege, systemic obstacles, bad habits and more.

The Practical Details

This 90 minute class is prerecorded and available for instant access streaming.
$40 Canadian Dollars.

My approach focuses on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels. It does not require that you be fluent in either magic or card reading but it does benefit from some experience with each.

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