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The Art of Tarot show

Our first show opened October 27th. As you might guess we chose Tarot as the theme and 12 artists shared their vision of the future of Tarot. I am honoured by the people who put work forward for this show and really happy at the level of bot the art and its diversity in depicting […]

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A better Fool.

Well really just a more flushed out drawing of the original outline in the earlier post. Tweet Comment Guidelines If you would like to leave a comment please do leave supportive input. Questions or discussion about symbolism. Thoughts and feelings that arise for you from looking at this work. Please keep in mind this is […]

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The Fool’s first step

The Fool is known for leaping. He is often shown stepping off a cliff, which he seems unaware of. Below are a few drawings that I have been working on around the Fool’s journey. I have a lot of ideas about what kind of symbols should be included in the cards in general – most […]

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