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EP85 Stacking Skulls with Jason Miller

In this episode the band, Andrew McGregor, Aidan wachter, and Fabeku Fatunmise, bring is guest musician and occultist Jason Miller. The converstation covers magick, ego, meditation, and much humour. Think about how much you’ve enjoyed the podcast and how many episodes you listened to, and consider if it is time to support the Patreon You can […]

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EP75 The Ask Andrew Episode

For the 75th episode of The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast we decided to have a little fun. Get to know the guy who runs the show a little better with a fun Ask Andrew Episode led by the wonderful Fabeku Fatunmise! So join us for something a little different this week, see if your question get’s answered […]

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EP73b Magick, Curses, and Scams

Over the past while I have been hearing of people who are being scammed for what is sometimes a sizeable amount of money all for a magickal service. Most of the time to lift a certain curse or jinx that has been placed upon you. I want to clarify when to trust this work, when […]

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