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EP72 Massive Change with Barbara Moore

She’s back!! Barbara Moore is joining me this week for another exciting episode of The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast. It’s been a big year filled with lots of changes and new journeys so join us to catch up, and hear what’s been brewing on the farm! Full transcript below. This is our FOURTH chat on The Hermit’s […]

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EP67 Spirit, Singing, and Oshun with David Sosa

David and I talk about the power of music to connect with spirit. Our conversation wanders through music, coming to discover the Orishas, facing depression, and grief and finding happiness. Trigger warning. We talk about depression, grief and suicidal thoughts. Download the file directly here. If you are interested in supporting this podcast though our Patreon you […]

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EP64B A Short Talk on Believing People

Who do we believe and why? In this short talk I explore a few thoughts on how to figure out what is authentic in what others are showing or telling us. You can download this file directly here. If you want more of this in your life you can subscribe by RSS , iTunes, Stitcher, or email. You can […]

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