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The Magician says “Stop trying to be credible.”

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crowley_magicianAre you looking for credibility or to be incredible?

Open your mind to the universe and ask yourself why is it that you’d like some one to certify what you do?

What papers do the cardinals have that allow them speak the wisdom of the wind to you as you wander down the street in search of lunch?

Your tongue owns that same majesty.

As you woke up today who approved of your skill in opening your eyes and stepping from dream to dressing? Why are your eyelids any less wise than the hands you use to heal, or write, or create? Flutter them now and bring about endings and beginnings fuelled by typhoons of your aspirations.

Ink on a diploma resolves existential ambiguity approximately as well as racoons tracks in the snow and guarantee success even less. Yet your thumbs are as cunning at removing the obstacles of life as you search for snacks in the dark night of your soul.

Set aside the world of permission and credibility.

Stoke the furnace. Put on your lucky sweater and step into the flow of your magick. Bottle the wonder of amazing yourself. Show it off boisterously to those who ask who gave you the right to throw off your shackles and watch as they start to sweat inspiration too.


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“Incredible” image by jimmy brown used under Creative Commons License.

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