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Building a better life with Tarot in Toronto

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The symbols of tarot are all around us – speaking and guiding us. This series of posts will hopefully inspire you to see the cards all around you. If you don’t live in Toronto do not worry, the process is revealing and relates to every city and every life.

Whenever I see the number 78 I immediately think of  a tarot deck. Each of the its 78 cards offers a possibility of something that could happen.

IMG_1515Dreaming the answers while awake.

78 choices drifting past my life on the way to get coffee. Or did I leave one under my pillow this morning – I cannot quite recall.

A questions posed in a neighbouring conversation pulled me off into a waking dream. “Why is he doing that again?”

The blinking four-ways provide no answer. And the driver has wandered off in search of wakefulness.

Wake up Mack.

Right now the bulldogs are all silent. Quick whisper the answer to me. Is it the Ace of Swords or The Tower today? I already know something has to change.

You can’t just park there forever.

Is that crown a promise of something or just a brand I hope to live up to? Is this load worth carrying?

In the hum of your engine percolates a single word.


A heart that stands firmly on the ground.


Relationships that flow as the soil erodes.


The wisdom in those who seek it from you.


Every moment of your day consciously.


Your capacity to hear this whisper.

~ Andrew McGregor

Drop me a line and let me know what you are building next. If you’d like to have myself and the cards help you with creating something wonderful click here and book a time to see me in-person or by Skype around the world. If this inspires you I am sure you are exactly the kind of person I delight in working with.

Space image by Sweetie187, lego image by Richard Jones. Both used under Creative Commons License.

“Building a better life with Tarot in Toronto” is copyright Andrew McGregor. December 9th. 2015

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