22 Truths About Reading Tarot

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I have been pondering what it means to read the cards a lot lately. For me there is certainly a literal embodiment that happens. I think whether you are reading the cards for yourself or you are a seasoned expert certain ideas are universal. This line of though has lead to me creating this art and the words that go with it.

22 Truths About Reading Tarot

reader_powersWhat moves you moves the world
Fortune favours the bold
Cycles create evolution
Love moves all things
Your crown rests on your virtue
Speak and move spirit
We come divided for loves sake*
Hope rides on the future
There are always consequences
Your heart can light the way
In the turning is eternity
Be mighty in your actions
You will trap yourself
Endings open doors
Both. Always both and more.
Unsettle the world.
Water the earth with your work
Stride without fear
Your light will make the grass grow
Judge mightily
End swiftly
Live in the joy of equilibrium

What lessons has the tarot taught you?

Andrew McGregor

Layer 1@2x





“Unmasked” image by JD Hancock used under Creative Commons License.
* taken from Aleister Crowley “Book of the Law”

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