Do you judge a tarot card by its age?

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There is no questioning that tarot is a visual medium. Yet we spend a lot of time ascribing words to these works of art. The problem is that language by its nature limits and excludes so that it can create a definition. I think we should let the art do the talking. In my deck, Tarot Waiting to Happen, I started a process of using art to question our assumptions about the traditional meanings of the cards. In this weekly series I am going to share images of the cards intended to invoke questions rather than produce answers.

If you accept this challenge please share your interpretation of the artwork I share. Even better would be to come up with a question you think this card is asking us and share that.

Does age matter?

I was out the other night at a business networking meeting. I kept being asked the question “How long have you been reading?” When I answer 27 years people are shocked – given they usually think I am 30 – 10 years younger than I am. This raises the question for me “What role does age play in interpreting a court card?” Your expectation on how old the person in a scene is  will likely shape what you think is going on. Start by asking how old you think this character is and then let me know which court card you think this is.

Which court card am I?

Which court card am I?

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Andrew McGregor

“Old Man” by empty007. Used under creative commons license.

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