How long can the Hanged Man stay stuck? Reading Toronto as Tarot

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I have been thinking about the contrast between our city as a collective being and as a collection of individual beings. As a tarot reader I could use my tarot cards to read for the city as a whole. Essentially treating it as a being of its own. I can also zoom down and see the people who make up and influence the city and read for them personally. Between these two poles I want to play and explore the life of a city through my lens of tarot with you.

If you don’t live in Toronto do not worry, as the process can be revealing and relates to any city. If you think I got it wrong somehow – either the point or the card I chose – please share you comments at the end.

Almost a year ago I wrote this post about our mayor and his conflict of interest that many thought would cost him his job. It is almost a year later and Mr. Ford has continued to draw attention in the worst kind of way and yet is still the Mayor.

Is it the city or the mayor that is stuck? Sometimes it is hard to tell.

Is it the city or the mayor that is stuck? Sometimes it is hard to tell.

A while back a rumour surfaced about a video of the mayor smoking crack. People tried to find it. Gawker even raised $200,000 to buy the video but it vanished. That is until yesterday. The Police announced that they have the video.

“I think it’s fair to say that the mayor does appear in that video, but I’m not going to get into the detail of what activity is depicted on that video,” said Blair, who added that he was disappointed at the contents of the video. Via the CBC.

The thing about the mayor and the Hanged man is that unfortunately for all involved their “stuckness” has no guaranteed end. One would think at the very least that all that blood running to their head would encourage a change but in reality it just doesn’t.

There is the great outtake of a radio caller who seems to be Rob Ford using a pseudonym trying to speak up for himself. Would you just fess up if you were him? Is there anything we can say to encourage the truth to come out? When was the last time you were stuck? How quickly did other peoples words or actions motivate you? Or think about a friend who is a relationship that have ended? Can anything you say bring about that change?

I think for Toronto it could still be a long time before Rob Ford is no longer in office. Until then I guess all we can do is enjoy the show.

If you are a betting person put your guess for when he’ll be out of office in the comments. The one who guesses right gets a free 30 minute tarot reading. (You must post in the comments on the blog to be qualified. )

Andrew McGregor
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8 comments on “How long can the Hanged Man stay stuck? Reading Toronto as Tarot”

  1. Josephine Neville

    I am thinking within a month he will be out of office. hidden mysteries has now been reveled.

  2. Constance Parr

    I already subscribe to your site. 🙂 I was on Facebook and replied to your question about Rob Ford on Tarot professionals- six weeks is my answer.
    Please enter me in your contest. I’m a fledgling, new to studying Tarot, and would love to win a reading!
    Thanks, Andrew
    All the best,

  3. Veronica Chamberlain

    He will leave on his own decision. Not because he’s forced to. I think he will resign in 28 days to a month! He will give his notice in writing. And yes please enter my guess. Thx.

  4. Karen Lajoy

    He apologized whether he means it or not is probably a fair question. I will stick with th 12th of never. Lol

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