Betrayal and the Queen of Wands

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The court cards in the tarot are web of personality traits, philosophies, actions, and reactions, to the world. In each card, like in every person, there is the possibility for positive and negative behaviours. This series on becoming the court cards is all about exploring the ways in which these sixteen archetypes of human personality can both trap and liberate us. This post is part of series on becoming the best we can through understanding the court cards. You can read them all here. 

Becoming the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is often shown looking regally out at us. A cat often seen at her feet often looking at us too. The Queen’s wand, often looking a bit more like a weapon than a sceptre, is held high. In looking her it is easy to see the power she personally wields even beyond that which comes with her office. The person this card speaks of is often also loyal and wonderful friend.


They think you have wronged them. It is not exactly that they are distrustful but often they have been jilted or wronged enough to jump to more negative conclusions when things are unclear. Every mistake their friends and family make can evoke a profound suspicion and perhaps a very dramatic reaction. They can go from from zero to full rage in no time flat.

Look at how robust that sceptre is. Perfect for clubbing her enemies if she happens to become enraged.

Look at how robust that sceptre is. Perfect for clubbing her enemies if she happens to become enraged.

The big problem for these folks is that they are as likely to jump to a wrong conclusion as they are to jump to a right one. Did Bob forget to call on their birthday because he does not care or was he in the hospital? Was Petunia’s remark about their attire meant as a compliment or an insult? Likely we will never know since the Queen has already swung her club and destroyed everything.

The Queen, despite all her confident appearance, will often go straight to the most insecure or paranoid of assumptions. Her own loyalty and sense of injustice evokes a great anger or a desire to get even or punish the perceived offender. Her confidence gets undermined by her own insecurities and history re-creating a pattern of alienation that may or may not have been there.

The solution is not as easy as just learning to trust more. Half the time she is right. Her generous and loyal nature is often taken advantage of. People do tend to abandon her. Betrayal is a regular part of her lives. The cycle of summary  judgement, when the people are innocent, only pushes away everyone who is not looking to take advantage of her leaving her in bad company.

Luckily there is a simple tool for her to use to break this cycle. Instead of leading with her teeth she must learn to lead with a question. “What did you mean by that?” “It was my birthday, did you forget?” In opening with a question she is able to get the information she is missing – motive. From there she can pass to judgement if appropriate or to owning her own feelings if it it is her own emotions that made the event seem like a betrayal. Either way, with this extra information in hand, she is able to be more certain and avoid the nagging uncertainty that this cycle often creates inside her. If you want to learn more about the power of questions check out Non-Violent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg [affiliate link].

So if this card is resonating for you ask yourself, or your deck the following questions.

  1. What motivates your suspicions of this person/situation?
  2. What do you need to know to make an informed decision?
  3. How should you ask the question?

In this context I’d strongly suggest avoiding asking the cards what the person is thinking. Even if they give you a clear answer it is not likely to satisfy you.

The Queen of Wands comes around to say “People will tell you who they are. Do not trust them – be certain about who they are and what their intentions are.”

Andrew McGregor
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