Generally Generalities are Untrue – A post by Melinda and Andrew.

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. Melinda and I work together to help people through the tarot readings I deliver. Melinda was a reader in her life. She has a great perspective drawn from both her last lifetime, being born in 1696, and her subsequent time as a spirit.

Generally Generalities are Untrue

M: There is a big question of what is universally true that is part of human nature. People often think that life must be about what makes them happy. So money is important to some, for others sex, family, art or spirituality make the top of the list. In looking at that list of topics I am sure one or two stand out for you as being crucial while others are secondary, or perhaps just an annoyance.

A: In my years of spiritual study and exploration it has occurred to me that there is only a short list of universal ideas. We have a part of us that can carry on after death. That our physical perceptions are only a part of the spectrum of possibilities. That there was a creation point beyond which we are only guessing. Of course within any given tradition there are many more ideas that are considered true.

The 10 of swords speaks of the pain caused by thought or reason taken too far. The mind is powerful but it likes to find patterns that are not there.

The 10 of swords speaks of the pain caused by thought or reason taken too far. The mind is powerful but it likes to find patterns that are not there.

M: In reading for people in my lifetime there was often a clear need for people to know what was absolute. Is that person evil? The need for certainty on the part of the person getting the reading often crashed up against the shores of the uncertainty of life. In the end all situations are specific and not general so all readings must be specific and not general. That person is bad for you. For others they might be a gift from god. It all depends on who is asking.

A: In teaching people I see this problem of wanting to know what is “true” or universal about a card. The truth of each card is transcendental and beyond words. When I read the cards I am reading the conjunction of the card, the position in the spread, the other cards on the table, the dialogue with the client, and maybe a few other factors too. It is very specific and inherently dependant on the reading I am doing. When someone says to me “The King of Cups is a drunk… right?” All I can say is “It depends.”

M: In my life, and in the world now, I see a lot of superstition. That is to say the need to come to an absolute or “generally true” statement about things about which it is impossible to make an absolute statement. A reader sees a lot of people with certain emotional blockages and they are ready to make a wonderful statement about the truth of this era. The problem with these kind of statements is they breed superstition and obsession in people. No one is exempt from this risk. Lightworkers, new age visionaries, tarot readers, bankers, and doctors all fall into this trap.

A: Melinda and I have been seeing a number of people lately who have internalized some statement by a healer or reader as the deep truth of the world. Do we all need to open our chakras? Is karmic issue blocking your money? Were you cursed from birth? Has the one true love already left your life? I have heard all of these things from people recently. They were told them in a reading of some sort and they have been unable to let them go.

M: If we follow the journey of the Fool through the rest of the trumps from the Magician to the World we can see his true power. It is not by tying himself to the stories and situations of each card that he is evolves. It is by learning to step into the role that is needed at the intersection of his life and the circumstances in that time in place. Through the journey he puts aside his ego and finds wisdom.

A: Receiving advice is a vulnerable position. Whether it be from the cards, your parents, a friend, or therapist. When you are looking for guidance and you hear someone say “The world is like this.” or worse still “Oh you are this way.” Do yourself a favour and quickly, even if only in your mind say “Maybe…” Then find some time to sit with their words and evaluate them later. With some practice it will inoculate you against superstition, and others limited world views.

In the words of John Lilly “In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind, there are no limits… ”

If you need help deconstructing the beliefs you have acquired give us a call.
Andrew & Melinda

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2 comments on “Generally Generalities are Untrue – A post by Melinda and Andrew.”

  1. Elizabeth Owen

    hi, Andrew and Melinda,
    thank you for the wise advice.
    The best thing in this blog was what was hinted at: the Fibbinacci (I can’t spell) sequence illustrated in natural plant form above is a beautiful (and universal form) and perhaps a lovely example of the Fool’s Journey. So there is one of the only Universals; its what we do in this life

  2. Andrew McGregor

    Indeed. There are patterns but the variation amongst them is tremendous. I am reminded of a Paul Simon song about the myth of finger prints.

    “It was the myth of fingerprints
    I’ve seen them all and man
    They’re all the same”

    We all have them right?

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