Is Victory in the Air? – Reading Toronto as Tarot

I have been thinking about the contrast between our city as a collective being and as a collection of individual beings. As a tarot reader I could use my tarot cards to read for the city as a whole. Essentially treating it as a being of its own. I can also zoom down and see the people who make up and influence the city and read for them personally. Between these two poles I want to play and explore the life of a city through my lens of tarot with you.

If you don’t live in Toronto do not worry, as the process can be revealing and relates to any city. If you think I got it wrong somehow – either the point or the card I chose – please share you comments at the end.


The image in the banner for this post shows the moment before this card while the crowd is waiting for their leader to return.

It is a big time of transition within the Liberal Party of Canada. On both the Federal and the Ontario Provincial levels they are looking for new leaders. Today on my way into work I saw supporters for Sandra Pupatello – a candidate for the provincial leadership.

On the way into work today I found myself in the middle of one candidates followers. As the streetcar rolled past the driver rang the bell and the supporters all cheered. Perhaps it was the yelling or the way in which their placards reminded me of wands. I was quickly reminded of the 6 of Wands in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. That feeling of being within a crowd during a joyous celebration of success. Of course, this was only a momentary outburst of support but the feeling was the same.

I am not sure who will become the leader for the Liberals on either of these levels. I do hope that they continue to show the value for communication and consultation I have seen Bob Rae demonstrate in his recent work with Chief Spence.

Good luck to all the candidates. I hope wisdom and compassion win the day!
Andrew McGregor

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“Supports” image by Andrew McGregor used under Creative Commons License.

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