Don’t forget your Ancestors – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

This time of year is a time when many people feel the dead are closer to them and I want to talk today about remembering.

Tarot of Marseille - The Fool

The Fool is the soul. Journeying in and out of incarnations.

In my life I lived with the dead. Being abled to hear them certain made this easier. As did having a family tradition of respecting and honouring them daily. I would pray for them when I said the rest of my prayers. I was never much of a church goer and candles were valuable and not a part of my practice. It was my words and sometimes my songs that I gave as offerings and prayers to them, for them, and of course for myself.

People who came to seem me often came in during times of dire need. Sickness, poverty, legal troubles were all common then as they are now. Though I might send them to a saint for help more often I would help them invoke their ancestors. I do not know that it qualifies as a secret but I think that it is not well known either is that most traditions I have encountered have as a cornerstone of ancestor reverence to them. That most magic or miracles come out of working with the spirits in ones own bloodline.

I am not saying that other traditions are not valid, or that people might not receive help outside of their ancestral lines. However, when the chips are down and you truly need help your ancestors are the ones most likely to act quickly and effectively on your behalf.

I know that many of you might not know where to start with approaching your ancestors. Let me say just keep it simple. Ask yourself who you felt close to and what they would have appreciated spiritually or religiously when they were alive. In my time this was not a point of contention. People did not often change faiths. If you were catholic it was because your parents were catholic. I never met a buddhist, a hindu, or zen master and I travelled far for a person of my day. If you have a practice that is not what your ancestors would have lived go back to what they would have understood, at least to start with, until you get a solid request for something else. I bet they will like it best. It is not about you it is about them.

Say a prayer. Make a habit you can keep. Do not over commit in the beginning. If you ignore them till you are in need who knows if they will be around to help. Keep them as a living part of your life. When you have a need and ask them for help‚ you will be amazed at the miracles they might bring to your life. Quietly. Privately. Personally. This small action can be your salvation when you need it most.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for remembering.
If you need help wit this just ask.

ps. E.O. Thank you for my gift. It is exactly as mine was when I alive. I am deeply grateful for this.

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