Compassion is not Approval – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. Melinda and I work together to help people through the tarot readings I deliver. Melinda was a reader in her life. She has a great perspective drawn from both her last lifetime, being born in 1696, and her subsequent time as a spirit.

Tarot of Marseille - Page of Swords

When we start being compassionate with other people our attachments fade and the ways in which we stay attached and hurt ourselves become obvious. Once we see that we can become free. The page of swords can evolve into a compassionate state.

I hope after last weeks post you have all opened yourself completely to receiving compassion into your life. Still working on it? No worries it is a practice and needs to be cultivated continuously in order to keep being compassionate. Let us be honest and say that both our sense of worthiness and our ability to be compassionate are likely to be tested regularly.

If you have not accepted it already – accept that you are worthy of compassion. No need to determine how much or how often but at least be open to allowing that you deserve some compassion and we can trust it will find it’s home there and grow in time.

You do not need to like someone to be compassionate towards them

If you deserve compassion by virtue of being human then that means everyone else does too. Being compassionate does not mean that we like the other person. We do not have to condone their behaviour or approve of their choices to be compassionate towards them. In fact we can even dislike a person and still be compassionate with them. I know it seems contradictory or confused but I will try and clarify.

Life can be very difficult as we have talked about at length. It has a way of damaging people if they are not either lucky or devoted to staying whole in the face of life’s challenges. In general people are unpleasant because of the effect life has had on them. This innate struggle that comes with being alive is deserving of our compassion. It does not mean we should allow them to bully us or be abusive. Nor does it mean that we should let their misery, addictions, or other troubles pull us down. All it means is that if we can find compassion for them then we can put aside our criticism and deal with them clearly and directly.

Are you with me? Really what we are talking about is moving away from labelling people as bad, mean, evil or whatever and addressing them as human. We all breathe the same air and live on the same planet. From the point of view of being one human and relating to another human we can decide what to do about whatever may be challenging us. We can address the issue with them if it feels appropriate. We could keep away from them if that is the best option. All without judgement of them or us. After all are we not just another human doing the best they can – even if we might see room for improvement.

Of course common sense needs to prevail and sometimes a person is dangerous in which case calling the law or running might be best.

Why should you care about compassion? Especially for that jerk of a boss, or the lazy partner you just broke up with, or your neurotic Aunt Sally? You should be compassionate because it will free you. All of the judgment and criticism you might be carrying work to keep you engaged and prevent you getting on with your life.

In my life some towns would not be very receptive to my family and the work we did. It even went so far as us being run off a few times. As the wheel of karma turned they would often come around covertly when they had a great need. I could have said no or been vengeful about it but to what end. It would only have perpetuated the problem for me. Instead I saw their humanity and showed it back to them. Those towns were never a problem again. Compassion broke down the barriers humanity prevailed.

I have much more to say but I think that is enough for this week.

Please continue to allow compassion in to your life and self. Alos, I would like you to look at a situation or person that has been hard for you in some way. Spend some time thinking about that person’s humanity. See how it changes your feelings about the trouble. In some cases you might find it hard to see them as human but remember at the very least we all must go to the bathroom.

Thank you for listening.

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