What it does Mean? – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Marseille Pope Card

The Pope bridges the duality of fact and perception, shown as his acolytes, by bring them towards perceiving the underlying truth of creation.

So after last weeks post I know that a lot of you have been asking what is the point? Is it all meaningless? Is there no point to anything? I heard a lot of despair coming back to me from the people that I have been interacting with. I find it interesting that many people when faced with the proposition that I put forward turned it into a negative thing. Is there not still joy, happiness, pleasure, connection with other people, creativity, and exuberance. It is not that things are not worthwhile but it is that things, situations, and actions in the world get overlaid with an excess of meaning.

Think about what your day would look like if you had the same interactions and experiences but they were not burdened by the necessity of creating meaning, or by the searching through the details of each interaction to understand some significance, or importance that may or may not exist. I am not suggesting that we all run out and abandon our responsibilities, or that we forsake our goals or our sense of destiny.

What I am suggesting is that we reevaluate our connections, friendships, and the things that we are doing in light of a less attached point of view.

First, I am suggesting in the absence of facts that you stop trying to understand or discern meaning and significance behind the interactions you have with the world.

Second, I am suggesting that you unburden your actions from the necessity of being meaningful, significant, and guaranteed to create whatever it is that you are trying to turn your life into. It is too much to ask of your self, your mind, and your actions to always be meaningful. As part of this it is important to respect that this might be true of other people as well. Their actions maybe meaningless, maybe poorly thought out, arbitrary, or frivolous. That is entirely acceptable especially when you are aware that this lack of meaning is a possibility.

I would invite you to stop these thoughts that seek to find meaning behind everything. Thinking in this way breeds anxiety and fear, and curtails our honest expression with each other. I was aware the manner in which I wrote the last post that it would trigger many people. I knew that this was a possibility. I would encourage you in light of what I’ve written today to reread that post. What is the significance, the meaning of it all now that you know more about what I sought to convey.

Please ponder the duality between what I wrote last week and how you too it. How did your mind embellished those words with ideas not actually present in the original post. I encourage you to ask questions in your life to help to unveil the truth behind the words and actions of those around you in the same manner that I’ve attempted to reveal this duality through these posts.

Also, I accept the fact that some people were so angry about my post has as to never return to listen to what it was actually.

Thank you for listening.

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