Interviews about Gender – Theresa Reed and Matt Williams

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I have been toying around with creating my own tarot deck over the last year or two. One of the big questions that keeps bugging me about the structure of tarot is the issue of gender. Does the Fool need to be a man? Is the court card structure of King, Queen, Prince, and Princess important to the way tarot works? Some decks work to change these to gender free roles with varying levels of success. On top of this basic question about the the deck itself there are the ways in which clients and readers bring gender to the reading itself. Even if we, as readers, strive for an open ended approach to gender, the client might bring a lot of stereotypes to the table. This series of podcasts seeks to ask open ended questions and explore the ways in which gender plays out in the world of tarot.

Interviews about Gender Episode 1

In the first instalment I talk with Theresa Reed and Matt Williams about their He Said, She Said series of blog posts.

Interviews about Gender #1 – Theresa Reed and Matt Williams (50mb/44 minutes – on a PC right click and choose “save as” on a MAC option click and choose “save as”)

I welcome you input in the comments. If you feel there is someone I should interview in this please let me know.

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