Free Yourself from the Web of Egos – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Have you paid attention to the egos in your life over the last week? If you have not go back and read last weeks post and do so. I know that you might not have expected homework in reading my posts but you will really only grasp what I am getting at by doing this. Have your notes with you while you read today’s post.

It is Time to Free yourself from the World of Egos

Tarot of Marseille - 7 of Coins

This is all of the 7 of Coins. The balance of give and take. Skills drawn from the business world applied to our personal lives.

We have talked about the ego and how it is pervasive. You cannot avoid it in your self or in others. Our social lives are the interplay of the forces of various egos at various levels. I hope that in your week of looking at this you will be able to see this interplay at work. Think of it like the solar system with gravity holding the planets in place yet still everything moves.

I want you to read your notes from the last week and look for the most dramatic exchange you noted. Read it through now. I will wait for you.

Okay so next I want you to read it again and the whole time I want you to think that the person you had the exchange with was controlling the situation. Their words, actions, and unspoken intent were all geared towards them getting what they want out of the exchange. Push this to limit. Make them a tyrant, a bully, a victim, or whatever their position seems to be. Rewrite the experience.

Next I want you to repeat the first exercise but give yourself the staring role and control. Were you the hero, victim, bad guy, aggressor, or whatever role you see yourself in.

You must be really honest here if this is to succeed for you. If you felt victimized really define the person that was acting on you as the aggressor in part one, but in part two look for how you invited the situation. In part 1 the other person has the power and part two you do. Even if you hate what that might mean.

The final question is what action could you have taken to get what you wanted. How could you have acted differently, could you have done something else, or said something else to make the situation end up where you want.

Go through all the experiences you wrote about and look at them all this way. If you can try and keep this in mind while walking through your life. It will change your whole way of being for the better. I want to go through more practical approaches to being in control of ourselves as we go on.

Thank you for reading.

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